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All time availability and adequacy of quality low cost essential medicines in managed health care is the pivot of health care for all. The production of medicines from governmental Burma Pharmaceutical Industry does not effectively cover the majority of population leading to opportunistic invasion by low quality medicines of varying foreign brands. Affordable quality generic medicines in the context of managed health care and membership health insurance will lead to savings secondary to risk sharing and lower out of pocket cost will boost family income.

Best selling drugs in both of OTC and POM of wholesale market in Yangon are multivitamins and antibiotics. The top market share in therapeutic segment (2011 to 2012 ) is anti infective medicine (35%) followed by vitamins (30%). Wholesale market in Yangon is composed of approximately 500 pharmaceutical shops with total investment of MMK 250,000 to 1,000,000 lakhs (0.25 to 1 million USD). Approximate daily sales per shop is approximately estimated to be MMK 80 to 200 Lakhs (9357 USD to 23,392 USD). The main market share (33%) in therapeutic segment of Myanmar pharmaceutical market (2011 – 2012) is dominated by India.


To be one of the leading reputable pharmaceuticals in Myanmar and ASEAN region, producing assured quality generic drugs (compounds) with GMP compliance WHO standard thus not only providing to affordable essential medicines but also contributing to improvement of the level of medical treatment for health of citizens.


  1. To implement the project as a Joint Venture business in collaboration with any reputable international pharmaceutical organizations on a long term mutual agreement basis between the partners.
  2. To accomplish all possible assistances and transfer of technical know – how and training of pharmaceutical personnels.
  3. To stably produce and distribute safe, efficacious, assured inexpensive generic products selected from Myanmar Essential Drugs listing thus supporting and improving medical care.
  4. To achieve accountability, sustainability and viability of the market so as to be ranked high in the market share.
  5. To promote rational use of essential medicines by prescribers and consumers thus generate health gains and financial savings.
  6. To strengthen cooperation and collaboration with countries that in close geometrically and alike ethnically in R&D of pharmaceutical products.