Telemedicine  »

Integration of health science with updated information and technology has led to quicken effective health services, best of all is the far-reaching service availability. Quick and accurate diagnostics and immediate response for treatment guidelines from far-off specialists mean cheaper costs for patients and better access to quality health care. Sending ECG readings, ultrasound /radiology images and laboratory reports back and forth between remote service center and home base specialists become realistic benefit for those in remote or difficult accessie dangerous areas. Universal coverage may well become feasible sooner than later.
A pilot center was launched successfully on May 10, 2014 as a cooperative joint venture between GZP and Growth and Development Company, Mon State.


  1. Implement private public partnership (PPP) strategy and expand health care coverage.
  2. Promote affordable health care services, prevention, management and re-development.
  3. Develop communication between private and public health care services to promote better health care through quality group practice.
  4. Promote insured managed health care.


  1. implement PPP
  2. Implement cooperated efforts between GZP and local company Limited led by local doctors.
  3. Promote other development aspects together with health promotion.


  1. Founding of a local Limited company with leading local doctors.
  2. Train local technicians in telemedicine and upgrade their expertise eg. ultrasonographers.
  3. GZP to be a shareholder
  4. GZP will support technology transfer and logistics in low cost manner

Community medical centers will be run 24 /7, when emergency and telemedicine services are functioning, by local participating general practitioners (GP). 24 hour results reporting will be the goal for ECG, X-ray, ultrasound and laboratory investigations.
Tele-consulting will be beneficial to patients in terms of cost, time, diagnosis, treatment, access to specialist service, and quality care. It will be the basis for communication outreach and poverty alleviation as well as universal health coverage so it will be well worth to build up in systematic stages.