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There is low awareness of the idea and value of emergency services in the community and in the public services sector of Myanmar, leading to low utilization or misuse of emergency services especially emergency ambulances. Lack of established communication system between existing links of emergency care such as pre-hospital, hospital and post –hospital care contributes to inadequate life saving emergency care system.


*Develop a showcase of EMD and call center at the Parami General Hospital Yangon initially to network EDs developed at Parami, Bahosi, Pinlon and SSC General Hospitals, then strive towards a National Emergency Dispatch system comprising of paramedics, fire brigade, and police and/or security.
To develop an emergency medical dispatch center at Parami hospital as a show case for pre-hospital emergency medical service for network hospitals and ambulance fleet management.

  1. To function jointly with Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) Foundation.
  2. To develop a call center at Parami Hospital for health education.
  3. To focus on capacity and competency building for call center and EMD by training MOs, nurses and other first responders such as fire brigade, police, security groups, and tourist centers.
  4. To increase awareness of EM in the health care system, public and private, medical universities, by advocacy and by education of different sectors and in the community.
  5. To network with other sectors in the government and community so that National Ambulance service is achieved effectively to regional level and sustained.