Vision and Mission  »

Our Golden Zaneka Public Company is a multifunctional health care services company developed in the private health care service sector of Myanmar, poised to make a difference in Myanmar community, subsequent to recent changes in the socio-political, economic, health and education environment. Recent developments in Myanmar have unleashed great opportunities for business in all sectors, including healthcare services. This results in the formation of new private and public companies.
The founding members of Golden Zaneka Public Company (hereafter referred to as GZP) have extensive experience working in both public and private sectors of health care services in Myanmar. They are experienced and successful doctors who have previously developed large poly clinics which have become hospitals in 2010 when the political climate changed.
The Board of Directors, who will receive relevant suggestions and planning advice from Advisory Group, will directly represent shareholders and their interests. The Executive Committee, led by Chairman, will implement the objectives in accordance with their expertise to execute the strategic plans laid out by the Board of Directors.
We envision that the established Golden Zaneka Public Company will become a leader among the many public companies in Myanmar, and be a center of excellence for managed health care.


The Golden Zaneka Public Company Limited envisions to be the leader in supporting the nationwide universal healthcare coverage for the people in Myanmar. The Company is also committed to provide world class quality healthcare and related services that progressively enhance the living standards of the people, ultimately leading to better and longer life.


The Golden Zaneka Public Company Limited aims to achieve the inclusive healthcare coverage across Myanmar by developing and delivering affordable, reliable, trusted quality services; advanced knowledge and skills; and products including pharmaceuticals, modern infrastructures, technology with the ethical practices of international standards, and hence contributing to inclusive sustainable social and economic development in the country.