Human Resource capacity and Competency Building  »

Human resource (HR) is critical and top priority for any organization, it be service or training or administration. the HR for health care services where there are weak links and gaps to be filled. Apart from capacity building, intensive training is the basis for competency building. Training will be local either at by in-house trainers or retired professors or returning expatriates who have been trained abroad or by visiting consultants from accredited foreign universities which can confer certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Aim and strategy

  • Plan capacity and competency building of health care providers in private sector (medical officers, general practitioners GP, and allied health workers to supplement shortage of skilled health care workers etc ),
  • Offer emergency Technician (EMT) or paramedic training in other public services sectors such as Fire Brigade, ambulance services, police and transportation. Mostly adult education.
  • Plan and initiate short term courses with course completion certification by accredited Universities of UK or USA, allowing continued education abroad or join colleges anywhere in the world.
  • Plan Higher National Diploma HND courses recognized by UK, such as qualifying preliminary courses for entering Degree courses in accredited universities in UK. Most HNDs programs offer work-related qualifications.
  • Certificate and Diploma courses planned as short term and medium term training for different groups of professionals for local consumption.
  • Ultimate goal is to develop an accredited Myanmar International University of Medical Sciences.

Short courses:

  1. MRCP – CH Clinical exam II (Pre – exam preparatory courses)
  2. Basic Life support training (BLS)
  3. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  4. Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  5. Health Care Assistants Training(Care givers)
  6. Laboratory Attendents
  7. Pharmacy assistants
  8. Therapy assistant – collaborate with UK teachers.
  9. Home care attendants training
  10. Imaging attendents.
  11. Communication in English for Medical professionals
  12. Clinical Psychology (Paediatric Behavioral Medicine) University of Sydney, Australia

Long Term Courses :

  1. Paramedic training (9-18months) (University of Antelope Valley, USA)
  2. Biomedical and clinical engineering (2 years)-Osaka Jikeicollege, Japan.
  3. Foundation Degree (2 years). (University of Wolverhampton, UK)
  4. Medical assistant courses (deferred)
  5. Myanmar International Medical University development


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